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Hugh runs a Fine Art photography studio in SW London, specialising in reproduction photography, and an archiving service for artists.

An early adopter of digital imaging, Hugh has used the technology to explore possibilities not available to traditional film. Hugh discovered the flexibility digital technology offered to panorama makers, and embarked on a project to record the studios of working artists. This work resulted in a solo show at the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and inclusion in mixed exhibitions in London and his home county, West Sussex.

Hugh’s technical expertise arises a variety of industrial collaborations including:

Dr Clauss Gmbh
Dedo Weigert Film Gmbh
Spheron-VR AG
Various National Galleries and Museums
Association of Historical and Fine Art Photographers

Working biography includes:

Tutor, Royal College of Art 1988-93
Solo shows at Royal Academy of Arts London
Chelsea Arts Club
Arden & Anstruther
Numerous mixed exhibitions and collections

360 Panoramic Photography:

The 360˚ photograph is unique in its ability to show a whole environment in a two dimensional image. In our Cultural Heritage industry, the Virtual Reality (VR) image is wonderfully able to capture a global view, and used well, can provide a moving ‘on screen’ undistorted illusion of being present at the heart of the environment. Images can be built up this way to provide an intimate guide to the museum, gallery, artists studio, ad infinitum… imagination is the only limit.
Commercially 360˚ images are used as VR guides, environment recording, cockpit instrument training and crime scene recording. In the games industry VR imagery is essential to the construction of the gaming environment.

This workshop will focus on demonstrating a workflow from start to finish, the making of the 360˚ photograph and its conversion from stitched images to the Virtual Reality environment. A Virtual Reality museum guide will be shown to give context to the workshop.

Workshop attendees will have the opportunity to make their own panoramic images on equipment that will be provided. Digital versions will be forwarded to attendees for later printing out.
A pamphlet describing the principles of panoramic imagery, the new uses of VR imagery, including peripheral photography, together with a summary of panorama in history will be given to attendees.

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