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John Hoyland, photographed by Hugh Gilbert

John Hoyland in his studio

In the spirit of remembering those past, it must be something to do with November and armistice day, I remember John Hoyland with affection. He was a direct man and did not suffer fools, yet was generous with his friends and supportive of other artists. As for colour, well he never gave colour a chance, he was strict to the point of savagery and his canvasses declare their adherence to his ideas and exuberance. These photos were taken early in the morning and as you can see he was suited and booted ready for work.

Julian Barrow

Julian Barrow in his studio 2001

Julian sadly passed away on September 3rd. I shall miss him. He was a regular visitor to my studio, always full of tales of derring artistic ‘do’, and never afraid to paint in front of an audience when in public. He was regularly spotted painting views along the Thames. Every so often he would visit my studio with a whole exhibition packed in laundry bags. I’d photograph them for him for his catalogues, which was like a wild journey in itself, prior to the exhibition, whether in London or New York or wherever. He was involved in his local artistic community and contributed works regularly to the Small Painters Group.

His Studio shown here was previously occupied by Sergeant, and Julian scarcely changed it, apart from covering it with his own paintings.

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All Images © Hugh Gilbert.

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