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London Drone Fliers - PhotoDrones and London Heliport ATC

Phil Conrad, Hugh Gilbert, and Ian Hunter of PhotoDrones were pleased to be invited to the London Heliport Air Traffic Control Unit to meet Air Traffic controllers, Lindsey, Lee and Senior ATC, Jeremy Browne to demonstrate their use of UAVs last week.

It is our belief that people should see the positive use of Drones. Our work involves flying in London to accomplish Building Surveys and Photography. PhotoDrones has a CAA approved Safety Case and Risk Assessment procedure, that means we can fly in London at relatively short notice subject to Air Traffic Control Clearance.

This young industry needs champions such as the London Heliport Staff, who are able to see the future use of drones in a positive light and the cost savings they can bring to photography and survey work alike.

Hugh Gilbert
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A view of the contribution that artists make to the cultural history of our lives. I am privileged to visit many studios in my work, and am always astonished at the variety and beguiling nature of them. This project began in 2001, and will continue as long as I have the help of my (mostly) willing subjects.


All Images © Hugh Gilbert.

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